There are some thirty different Books on Ailnan, each of which contains from one to fifteen different spells. There will probably be some Magic Points (something like Final Fantasy 7). Saule, who is the main character, will be starting with the basic one, which contains about 10 spells. Each character can only have one book to study.

Most of the books will be found in specific area or given quests, three or four by beating an important monster (unrelated to the main story) and two will be very well-hidden.

In battles, spells can be casted on weapons, in which cases MP is taken from the caster at each shot.

Magic points

Each spell in a Book needs a specific amount of Magic Points to be completly mastered, but the character can actually cast the spell at any time, even if it is not completly learned. The thing is, the percentage of learning has a direct effect the mp required, the delay of casting and the power of the spell. For example :

Learned (%) MP required
(% of real amount, ±5%)
Delay (turns, ±1) Power (%, ±15)
0 120 5 10
25 90 3 30
50 85 3 50
75 75 2 65
100 70 1 100

SP (Spritual Points)

Each spell casting needs some MP. The more a character masters a spell, the less MP it requires. A spell can be cast if the character does not have enough MP, in which case the power is taken from the HP (probably with a factor of 2 or more). If the amount of HP taken kills the character, the spell's power is doubled, but the player will stay dead for the whole fight.

MP can hardly be cured other than by sleeping and visiting Saulen`s temples. Some items will do but to a very small scale and will be rare in battle and expensive in towns. MP replenishes automatically in battle, something like 1 point each couple of seconds, the delay depending on the maximum (20 MP replenishes waaay more slowly than 2000)

HP (Hit Points)

The physical damage taken by a character reduces his amount of HP until it gets to zero, in which case the character dies. He can be resurrected at any time during a battle (except if he died while casting a spell), on the map or in town.

Some spells, in battles, increase the amount of a character's total HP temporarily but as soon as the spell is applied, his HP goes down until he dies or the battle ends. Some wearable items increases permenantely the amount of HP, until the item is removed.

A character's HP affects is stats. For example, if he has only half of his HP, he will attack with some 70% of his normal rate.


A monster gives a certain amount of Experience Points. The more a monster is encountered by the party, the less points it gives. The points are seperated equally in the party. When a certain amount is reached, a character gets one level.

Life and death

A character is 'alive' as long as his HP is greater than 0. He can be resurrected with either a spell/item or by sleeping in an inn. While dead, he slows down the party's overall walking speed and raises the party's chances for a surprised attack. There is no limit of time for resurrecting a character.

When a character is brought back to life by an item or spell, his HP gets around 15% of his maximum. By sleeping in an inn, he gets full. By sleeping outside (in tent or whatever), he does not get back to life.


Monsters are encountered randomly when walking on the map. Some areas have higher risks than others and some are monster-free. There will be be a 3d transition by zooming on the character, keeping as many details of the current environment as possible. Monsters can be as many as 8 and are usually grouped in 2 or 3 of the same type

In a battle, monsters have higher chances of hitting weak characters, but not to excess. Monsters are working on the same system as characters (levels, weapon, HP, MP...) and their stats will be available after killing a couple of them.

Weapons and items are not to be seen. They will randomly be available for the party to pick up (when not broken).


Items can be stacked up to 99 of each int the party's inventory. The party can have multiple stacks of the same item.

Items can be bought at stores, found in treasures or earned from monsters.


Each character has 1 or 2 weapons, 1 shield, 1 armour and 1 magical object, probably something like a ring. Characters are restricted on the equipment they are able to wear, depending on their type. Equipment breaks if not repaired regulary. One broken, an item stays in inventory (but can be left on the ground), but it is unusable. Depending on the item, it may be sold.


There are different types of weapons : some of them cut the flesh or pierce armor, others will break monster's weapons more easily or stun them. They can be bought in stores, found in treasures or picked up from monsters. They can break if they are not repaired regulary. They affect the caracter's stats positively or negatively.


Money is earned by beating monsters and selling goods. Money is scarce and very hard to earn ; no millions here. Some quests give money or goods (or a choice between them).

The world will be roughly divided into three parts : the west, the east and the south. The west pretty much uses any western currencies and trades some. In the east, the delchune is accepted pretty much everywhere, but western currencies cannot be used. The south uses different currencies, but can trade them fairly easily.

All the money, in whatever currency it is, is kept even if the party leaves a kingdom.


The world will be big, with many parts being unrelated to the main story. Forests, caves and hidden places are generated on a per-game basis. The world map will be constant. That is, when a character's walks on a big enough forest, it enters it, and this forest will be randomly generated. Same thing for caves and other places.

There will be lots of randomly generated small villages on the map, some empty, some pretty empty, others of medium size and some cities. There will be one or two castles by kingdom (predefined, known as Queen-Cities).

World :: Day and night

The time if the day will change dynamically but will not physically affect the characters. Timezones will be taken in account and there will be more monsters during the night.


No airships :) Horses, boats and feet and that's it. There will be some magic portals which lead to pre-defined areas (mostly in small towns).

The party, depending on quests, will sometimes have horses, but no boat. They will have to pay for one in ports and fee will be calculated on the distance, if they can and want to go there.

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