The actual story is entirely written at this time. Being a writer (in my spare times :) ), I have been working on a imaginary world for 4 years now, but everything is manuscript and not in a linear story form. I must have some hundreds of sheets and a couple of notebooks lying in the house. I will do my best to put everything pertinent in here.

Where to start... Well, the the world is named Ailnan which means 'New World'. At the time of the game, the world is at its end, after some 10 000 years of living. The main character, Saule, is a wizard from the Heradie kingdom.

The original world was in a box, something like an aquarium. Ten gods were in it : three Good gods named Onessa, Isanae and Cathalan ; three Bad gods named Daunel, Aojdan and Raislasin ; three gods of neither orientation, not neutral, but more ambivalent, named Saulen, Leinarel and Mahision. The last one is the Ruler of Ailnan and is named Eslainer who is the Judge.

To make a quite long story short, the gods get attacked by the people of a kingdom named Emageo, teamed with some other kingdoms. The gods have no choice but to leave the world, breaking it and making it round. Only one of them stayed, hiding in the mountains in the west.

That's the end of the Fourth Age, some 8 000 years after the world's creation.

The world being reshaped, a lot of civilizations disappeared and some new continent appeared. The gods got forgotten in a lot of places where new beliefs emerged but some old kingdoms kept the 'old religion'. One of these kingdoms was called Heradie where was born a man called Saule, after Saulen, the God of Magic.

The thing is, the only god left on Ailnan is the mighty God of Evil, Daunel. Killing him directly is not possible, but it is said (of course!) that a man will come to the World Mountain, a really huge mountain which was created in the early days and survived until then, and, with the help of the One God, the Father of everything, will destroy Daunel, leaving the world in peace.

And that man is Saule who starts a lonesome journey in the year 2 434 of the Fifth Age. After a couple of years and a lot of adventures, he gets on the World Mountain, bearing enough power to summon the One God and he destroys Daunel.

The only problem is that the world gets destroyed at the same time by Daunel, who, seeing his hour coming, puts forth all of his power and generates huge earthquakes. Most of the continents get drowned killing everybody.

Well that is a very summarized summary of many years of writing. Sad, isn't it? :) But that is only the beggining, I will get on to writing the full story with dialogues and with more explanations about the early days. Some maps will follow as soon as I will have time. I hope the story will be ready within a month and I will put here every bit of information I have.

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